Bamboo Lids for 16oz. Libbey Can Glass – Seal Freshness Naturally


This Listing is for single bamboo lid!



Elevate your 16oz. Libbey can glass experience with our Bamboo Lids. Crafted for a precise fit, these lids are designed to seal in the freshness of your favorite beverages, all while adding a touch of eco-friendly elegance to your glassware. Made from sustainable bamboo, these lids not only enhance the functionality of your Libbey can glass but also contribute to a greener, more stylish lifestyle. Upgrade your sipping game with the perfect blend of nature and innovation.

Product Highlights:

  • Eco-Friendly Craftsmanship: Made from renewable bamboo, these lids are a sustainable choice that aligns with your commitment to a greener planet.
  • Seal in Freshness: Designed to fit your 16oz. Libbey can glass snugly, these lids keep your drinks fresh and ready to enjoy at any time.
  • Enhance Aesthetics: The natural beauty of bamboo adds a touch of organic charm to your glassware collection, making every sip a stylish experience.

Why Choose Our Bamboo Lids:

  • Sustainability: By choosing bamboo, you’re making a conscious choice to reduce plastic waste and embrace eco-friendly alternatives.
  • Functionality: These lids are tailor-made for Libbey can glasses, ensuring a perfect seal and effortless functionality.

This Listing is for single bamboo lid!

Libbey Can Glass and Straw are sold Separately!

  • LIDS:
    Hole for straw
    removable silicone ring
    natural wood grain will vary from lid to lid
    Hand wash
    Do no soak
    Air dry before storing
    I do not accept returns /exchanges/refunds since all items are made to order. Please send me a message if you experience any problems with your order.

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